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Why choose Privus Design’s decorative panels to enhance your space?

Privus Design specializes in waterjet cutting of decorative panels available in various materials to enhance the decor of your exterior and interior spaces. Our stylish privacy panels are long-lasting and entirely made here in Sherbrooke.

We guarantee a durable and attractive final product. Our products are made from a wide range of products, and we are always on the lookout for new trends. This enables us to offer products at very competitive prices while injecting a unique decorative flair.

Experts in waterjet cutting

With 20 years of experience in the waterjet cutting sector, our team has developed particular expertise in using various materials (aluminium, wood, plastic, etc.) now offered in decorative panels.

The cutting process used, i.e. waterjet cutting, enables us to work with all types of materials without warping them and to produce clean, high-precision cuts. In addition, waterjet cutting is a green process that produces no smoke or toxic residue.

Wide range of materials

In addition to aluminium, plastic, and wood, we can also cut Corten and stainless steel. Corten steel is a pre-oxidized weathering steel. This type of steel is widely used for its look and weatherproof properties. It is found in architectural, construction, and even art projects (exterior sculptures).
As for stainless steel, its main strength is that it is anti-corrosive and rust will not cause it to deteriorate.

Eco-friendly finishing process

A powder-coating finish featuring a wide range of colours is applied to our panels. In addition to being a green process, this panel finish is safe for use indoors. It contains no solvent or chemicals.

Outstanding quality control

Being manufactured here in our plant, our panels are a token of quality and durability. Our products are verified and approved through a step-by-step process to ensure they are in an impeccable and optimal condition upon delivery.

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